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Amazing how much house just ONE haul of a truckload can deliver.

Even better, it deploys in hours - on water, ice, snow or permafrost.


For over 4500 years Pyramids have been and always will be a constant source for inspiration. In fact, even today we still do not know for certain how the most powerful of all, the ancient Great Pyramids of Giza where built, or for what purpose!

We envision 3 stories: The first level (Fig 15), the middle level might serve as a cozy living room, while the third level could have all glass sides (unbreakable polycarbonate) if you enjoy stargazing with your favorite drink?



This module was initially engineered for Space Shuttle Flights. It is ideally suited for many special purpose applications. It deploys in minutes and can be transported easily. The available space in the smallest element can be used for storage during transport.

It can even be parachuted from airplanes, or transported by a Helicopter, the sky is the limit!

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