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deserve considerable attention

Structural illustrations:

Figure 19 and 20 show an eccentric shaft used to connect elements, as illustrated in figures 21 and 22. This is certainly only one of infinite possibilities.

Figure 23 displays one of several anchoring devices (282) that would reposition the entire architecture when flood waters recede. The wheel (268) will center itself in the crater (285) for precise positioning.

Pull Disconnect - Connectors illustrations:

When your architecture begins to float, these special connectors disengage all power and any other electrical, signal and other lines.

This helps to reduce the risk of electric shock and damage to your utility lines. Please remember that the power lines of the "delivery side" still may be "hot".

Figure 26: Connector for all power, communications, surveillance and other electrical of optical utilities.

Figure 27: Fresh water connectors.

Figure 28: Waste water connections.

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