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A better and faster way to deploy a traditional home:

  • Only one transport is required to get even larger units to the site!
  • The same comfort and features as a conventionally built house, but with a very high quality and durability!
  • This house offers 1674.8 square feet (155.5 square meters) at an interior height of 8 feet (2.4 meters)!
  • The manufacturing process is efficient, precise and fast!
  • Everything needed is nested into the smallest element.
  • Manufactured in a precise, controlled environment, adhering to stringent quality standards.
  • The entire structure is divided into sections that can be nested into each other,
  • These nested sections are typically loaded onto One Flat Bed Semi, and delivered to the fully prepared deployment site,
  • The Deployment Crew separates the nested sections and assembles the architecture,
  • All components are integrated into the elements, including power, communications, security, cable, plumbing or any other systems, they are simply connected,
  • In an extremely short time everything is completed, you can move in!

The Modular Expandable Architecture is a very cost efficient way to deliver good quality housing.

IMAGINE: You buy your land and order your house. When your landscaping is done, one flatbed semi-truck and a deployment crew pull up. In just hours you move in, all you need and wanted is better than you expected. Fast, nice and clean!

  • The applications go far beyond residential: commercial, entertainment, shops, offices, mobile homes, houses, RV's, Fifth Wheels, emergency units, disaster relieve, even national defense!
  • emergency units can be parachuted from airplanes or transported by helicopters,
  • the smallest element in an emergency unit can be fully loaded with all necessary equipment, like power, food, even operating rooms,

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