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A Gigantic Multi Purpose Module.

It deploys in 3 dimensions to an amazingly huge building. Figure 36 shows the support pillars used. Ideal especially for commercial applications with huge space requirements.

The secret: this example shows a 3-stage 3-dimensional deployment. Theoretically, this means an expansion of the transport dimensions to 3 times the initial length, width and height. This translates to 3x3x3 = 27 times the transport volume. In reality it is slightly less because the thickness of the walls take away a small volume. The best possible choice of the dimensions and arrangement of all individual elements is a nice thinking exercise.

If we used 5 elements per dimension we would generate a theoretical volume of 125 times the initial space during transport!

In example in Arizona a flat bed semi truck can transport cargo of 13' 11" wide, 15' 10" total height and 65' long with a normal class C permit, private escort but no police escort. Therefore the total transport cost are reasonable and you will create some VERY SERIOUS SPACE!

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