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Architecture with a flair for Motion!

Playful Geometry
It is indeed perfectly symmetrical, Area Symmetrical to be specific. Any observer has to walk only a very short distance to witness an apparently sharp shift of the axis. Intrigued, the observer continues walking while the symmetry gets worse, then better, and even worse. Suddenly it appears so drastically distorted that this object must be alive! Determined to satisfy his or her curiosity, the observer hopes to find a coffee shop, restaurant, store or anything to gain permission to get inside. Is there a bar in the top level to see this strange phenomena from a different angle?

A fly-around view

Commercially Entertaining or Dynamically Residential?


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Prescott: 7300+ sq. ft.Sedona: 7300+ sq. ft.Lake Powell: 9100+ sq. ft.

Space Gate, High Rise, 10'200+ sq. ft.Coral Reef Plaza, an INSPIRING DOWNTOWN CENTRAL!

Build a Commercial Noble Symmetry near an intersection or a highway, and have a BIG parking lot ready!


A Noble Symmetry for public or corporate access with easy entry to the first floor:


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