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Super Nova in Stainless Steel Finish


A special Ambiance: Charming, Inviting, Relaxing, Friendly, Inspiring, yet Advanced & Refreshing. Healthy Living.
Elevated Views, Radial Balconies, Maximal Security, Exceptional Privacy.
All Weather Efficient, Environmentally Harmonic, Energy Efficient, Optional Self Sufficiency.
Superior Materials Extraordinary Durability Solid Engineering & Construction
Fire Protected Rooms & Fire-Proof Doors.

The "Super Nova" is available from 1 to 4 stories, and as Custom Clusters.

Even Better: 3 Revolutionary options are available: Hurricane or Earthquake Resistant, or Flood Proof!

Texture: "Asteroid"Texture: "Octopus"

Custom Textures, Polished Stainless:
Express Yourself.

THE New Definition of Fine Architecture

Our ambitions are to offer you architecture that puts You FIRST.
Regardless if it is You in Your Home, You at Work, or You in Your Spare Time.
Whatever Your activities are, the more amazing your surroundings, the more you appreciate them.
This equally applies to your workplace and your customers, and you work even more efficiently.

This level of Exuberance, luxury and space is an
effective tool for harmony in your private live.

Light Colors Amplify the Magnitude.

Noble: Living, Kitchen and Dining: ~ 1800 sf., Stainless Steel Fireplace in the dining area.

Kitchen illustrated with All Professional Appliances: 1 huge Refrigerator/Freezer,
2 Ovens, 2 Dishwashers, 2 Wine Coolers, 1 Pro Stove, 1 Double Sink, 1 Range Hood,
1 Warming Drawer, All in Stainless Steel Quality.

Robust Steel Framework and Sub-floors, overlaid with insulating deck-floors,
Stainless Steel Double-Hull (walls & roof), Wood Veneered Interior Walls, sectioned Radial Balconies
with 3 foot wide sliding doors, Generous windows. Lots of Concealed Storage Space
between Walls and Floors.

Splendid Master Suite with bath - with two person Whirlpool-Tub, 4-th story.

Exquisite Floor-Plans:
The key to Elegance, Design and Comfort

Level 1:

1: Entry
2: Chevy Suburban
(illustrated), or
Hummer H1, H2 or H3
3: AC, Heat,
Water Heater,
Softener & Pumps
4: 1/2 Bath

Level 2:

5: Bedroom
6: Full Bath
7: 3/4 Bath
8: Freight Lift
with cart
W: 3’ x D: 5’ x H: 5’6”
(easy shopping)
(Person Lift avail.)
9: 8 ft Spiral Stair

Level 3:

A: Kitchen
B: Dining
C: Fire Place
D: Living
E: 1/2 Bath

Level 4:

F: Master Suite
G: Master Bath with
two person Whirlpool-Tub
H: Closet

The Freight Lift (w: 3', d: 5', h: 6') is dimensioned to move bulky furniture with ease, and is an essential assistant for hauling your groceries.

~ 2000 sf (2 story), separated garage.
3000+ sf 3 story (2 living stories) without Master Suite, 4 car garage, freight lift
3600+ sf (4 story, 3 living) with Master Suite, 4 bedrooms, 5 bath (2 are 1/2 bath)
....and far beyond..........

Overall Dimensions (3 & 4 story):
Yavapai County: Up to Diameter: 57 ft. Height: 43.26 ft. (Without Special Permits)

Flagstaff: Several different zones, and various categories, Height From 25 ft. up to 65 + ft.

Coconino County: from Height (20 ft.) 35 ft. Up to Height 50 ft., Commercial even more

Sedona Version:
Height up to: 22.00 ft.

Legal Notice
Copyright © 2000 to present, Ray Gunthardt.
All rights reserved.