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The "Curious Intelligence"

An Intelligent Visit? Visiting Intelligence?

Either way, it is an Eye-Opener. But who’s eyes are open?

It seems the “Curious Intelligence” is an appropriate name for this creation.

Interesting in many ways.
The Curious Intelligence is very spacious and cozy. Up to an astonishing 69 feet wide by 49 feet deep, over 3000 square feet! The living room and kitchen are located in the center, surrounded by four bed rooms. The living room can easily accommodate a separated roomy Home Office! The six large windows can rotate open like the visor of a helmet, or may be built as sliding doors.

Inspiring Tranquillity: When you see it, you just wonder and observe. Many questions and ideas go through your mind. As a painting, you interpret it in your very personal way. It is 3-dimensional art, that makes it even more interesting. Tomorrow you probably interpret it differently. A constantly refreshing visual interaction.

Exceptional Safety and Privacy: The elevated first level is an effective barrier for visual and physical intrusions. Many additional safety features are concealed.

The Geometric Shape is pleasing, aerodynamic, and efficiently diminishes outside noise. But interior acoustic characteristics in special focus areas are phenomenal, while selected areas have sound attenuating properties.

Water Damage? The “Curious Intelligence” has 6 wide columns that generate so much buoyancy that the water level would only rise about 4 feet - then it floats. Not to worry, your "Curious Intelligence" is anchored to the ground by using tension spools. A possible explanation why your swimming pool suddenly might be drastically larger than you remember.

Storms? The Aerodynamic properties of Noble Dimensions are designed to minimize and control the resulting forces. You would hardly notice respectable wind speeds when you are in a Noble Dimensions. But when you intend to leave and see trees bent like archer’s bows, you may prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee instead?

Hurricanes? Are no problem, since Noble Dimensions are designed to withstand environmental forces and conditions.But you should specify in what specific geographic location you plan to build - so we can optimize your Noble Dimensions for your area.

The “Curious Intelligence” will always have both eyes open for you, and at night they might glow? Provided you would like it to have eyes, maybe you prefer different art, or none at all.

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