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Exciting CITIES


Every home is a generous single residence module, geometrically isolated as a separate cell. Every cell is is carefully arranged to guarantee un-compromised privacy. The well balanced arrangement of these spaces define the community. The crater ring has an approximate diameter of one quarter mile, 639 nice homes occupy this area alone. The crater is surrounded by five satellites, offering additional support for any function of the community. A great number of residents can work in the five surrounding satellites or inside the crater ring. A Meteor City is a small but fully functional, self contained city with a lot of individuality!

The Sphere shaped cluster in the center holds three large rings, ideal space for offices and stores. Five Noble Symmetries and five large pools surround the sphere and could serve as entertaining functions for the community. Five Satellites surround the Crater, each has its own private pool.



A textured Satellite:Close-up of entrance of Meteor City:




A different layout of a community offering all advantages with a different personality. Every home is generously spaced to the next element, but the perspective view demonstrates the powerful unity.

A close-up: One entrance of Four-Star City:

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