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Whoever said: "a house can only have one color" has no idea about this:

If you are the inquisitive adventurous type, this is for you!

If you have a calmer personality, you can camouflage the colors against the background - who would see a "Meteorite" in Sedona, AZ?


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Saturn RingTranquility Base 1Tranquility Base 2Van Allen Belt

Neptune EncounterPlanetoid Pioneer Asteroid 1Asteroid 2

Martian ValleyVenus RidgeWarp Speed 1Warp Speed 2

MeteoriteDeep SpaceMoss RockRed Zebra

Alien CrabAlien ChameleonRed MarbleMint Marble

Blue OrcaSalamanderViperSouthern Dusk

Mint SnowSunriseIonospherePlasma Flow

GraniteAlligatorMercuryMidnight Revelation

Deep SeaRed LavaAlien Marble 2Ocean Breeze

Gold RushArctic Summer


YEAR 2000 through 2003 ENCOUNTERS

Click to enlarge: Image (medium size)

Friendly Visitor

Wooden Dream

Cold Sun

Cold Sun on Firestorm

Cold Sun on Alien Marble

Cold Sun on Clouds

Atmosphere over Cold Sun

Cold Sun on Alien Marble 2

Alien MarbleSmart RockClouds

NebulaNorthern LightsFlowing Marble

Flowing Marble 2Blue SkiesLiving Tree



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